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Minor Repair Charges

Minimum charge – £9
Tenon Corks – £10
Crook Corks – £10

Instrument Servicing – what is involved?

The cost of a service on an instrument will vary depending on how much work is needed to put the instrument back into a good playing order.   Servicing generally includes dismantling the instrument, cleaning the body of grease and dirt, cleaning tone holes and pads, oiling the bore (if applicable), checking the headcork (if applicable) and replacing if needed, replacing touch corks and tenon corks as needed, checking springs and replacing if needed, checking pads and replacing as needed. Reassembling the instrument, oiling keywork and rods, resetting pads, rearticulating keywork and checking and testing to ensure they play.

If requested the keywork can be thoroughly cleaned whilst it is apart but the time taken to clean will be added to the cost.

Service of an instrument costs from £40 + VAT we can quote a more precise amount on examination of the instrument and discuss the customers would requirements at this stage.


Servicing starts from £40 +VAT
Repad – £90 + VAT

Overhaul – £120 +VAT


Servicing starts from £40 +VAT
Overhaul – £120 + VAT
Repad – £90 + VAT

Soprano/Alto Saxophone 

Servicing from £90 +VAT
Overhaul – £220 +VAT
Repad – £180 +VAT

Tenor Saxophone

Servicing from £90 +VAT
Overhaul – £250 +VAT
Repad – £200 + VAT

Baritone Saxophone

Servicing from £110 + VAT
Overhaul – £325 +VAT
Repad – £250 + VAT

Oboe Student

Servicing from £60 +VAT
Overhaul – £140 +VAT
Repad – £95 + VAT

Oboe Professional

Servicing from £90 +VAT
Overhaul – £240 +VAT
Repad – £195 + VAT

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